Pet Grief Therapy

Pet Grief Therapy

Pet bereavement is real and a natural human emotional process. I subscribe to a person-centered approach to psychotherapy.  I believe pets are a big part of our world and when they leave us, the grief process can become overwhelming for a time.  Please allow me to help you through this difficult time.

Tips for Coping with Loss

Don’t let anyone tell you how to feel or don’t tell yourself how to feel.  Don’t tell yourself to “get over it” or “it’s just an animal”.  It is your animal. Let yourself feel without embarrassment or judgment.

Look after yourself.  The stress of losing a pet can deplete your energy.  Eat a healthy diet, get plenty of sleep, and maintain or create an exercise or meditation routine.

Create a legacy.  Preparing a memorial, plant a tree in honor of your pet, or create a scrapbook to keep your memories alive.  Remembering the fun and love you shared with your pet can help you move forward in acceptance.

Stay connected with friends.  Pets and dogs especially can help you meet people or engage in regular connection with others while walking or visiting a dog park.  It’s important that you don’t spend day-after-day alone. Try to connect with one friend daily and find the time for face-to-face interaction and support.

Seek professional help if you need it.  If your grief seems to interfere with your ability to function – reach out and call me.

Try to find new meaning and joy in life.  Caring for a pet can occupy your time and increase your morale.  Try to fill your time by volunteering or take a class; help friends care for their pets, or even get another pet when you know the time is right and your heart is ready.

Kali and Maximus (Max)

These are my two babies who bring me joy and love every day.  The love for my animals goes far beyond being a family pet.  They are my furry kids.  So, I decided to use my skills as a therapist to help people go through the emotional time when they are either going through the anticipatory grief: when their pet is sick, or when you battle with the decision your beloved pet must leave our world.

Trying to ignore your grief or “bottled up” feelings will only cause problems in the long run.  Grief is a natural process; it’s not something you “get over”, but it is a process you can get “through” in a healthy healing way.

Unfortunately some may devalue our loss:

Don’t be ashamed or irritated when someone may not understand.  Pet bereavement is real and a natural human emotional process.

Do what you need to help yourself walk through the pain and healing.  Do seek out others who understand the magnitude of your loss for support. Do create a memorial of some type for your beloved.

Key Offerings & Resources

  • Pet Grief package : $185 for 4 sessions
    – 1st appointment 1.5 hour assessment
    – 2nd-4th 1.o hours. (recommend at least 4 sessions)
  • One hour therapy session $85.00 – if needed
  • Supportive approach in a one-on-one healing setting.
  • Establish a support network for those who want it.

Resources and References: