• 1st Appointment – Intake appointment includes a free comprehensive assessment and offers an opportunity to address your needs and goals.  1.5 hours @ $200.00
  • 2nd Appointment will set your goals and start therapy.  1.0 @ $140.00
  • All additional appointments are $140.00
  • The Gottman Checkup Feedback Assessment is offered to best identify the needs of the couple and to advise on the process of therapy (included with the first appointment).
  • It is advised that couples adhere to the treatment frequency recommendations and the Gottman Assessment process. It is expected that, by doing so, the couple will maximize the benefits of the therapeutic process.


  • Individuals: 1st Appointment – Intake appointment will address your needs & goals.  1.5 hours @ $140.00
  • 2nd Appointment will be to set your goals and start therapy: $100/hr
  • All additional appointments are $100/hr

Special Situations/Unique Needs:

  • If you need a therapist, reduced fee services are available on a limited case-by-case basis; please inquire.
  • Four (4) session package is available – please request rates
  • 1st Appointment – Intake appointment at 1.5 hours @ $140
  • 2nd – 4th Appointment – Bereavement process sessions of 1-hour length
  • Additional Individual sessions will be at $100 per 1 hour
  • $85 for the initial intake with at least one parent.  This is required before starting the group.
  • $200 for a 10 group session package (suggested amount for kids in a group setting)
  • Groups run 1.5 hours  (Group scheduled depends on having at least 3 members per cycle)
  • Individual therapy with a child/family is  $120 per 1.0 hour
  • Adolescent Support Group Flyer

Payment of Services

Methods Of Payment:

  • Cash
  • Check
  • Visa/MC/Amex